Supplementary sprinkler system

The supplementary sprinkler system has a simple water supply and a smaller tank for reduced operating time. The electrical supply to the pump must be backed up. The simpler design makes installation cheaper and the tank can be better placed in basements. A mains water supply is ussualy not possible for administrative reasons and at least a small refill tank must be installed. For fast fire alarm, the building must be equipped with an electrical fire alarm system with remote transmission to the fire brigade. The responding firefighting unit will connect the mobile equipment to the header and supply water from the fire truck. The installation requirement is based on standards and is specified in the fire safety design of the building.


It is designed for automatic underground garages, for underground garages where the firefighters’ arrival time is longer than 10 minutes, or when the conditions of intervention are difficult. The engine room with tank will take up space for approximately three parking spaces. Newly, due to electromobility, full water supply equipment will be installed in garages.

Additional fire extinguishing equipment


Fire sprinklers are a suitable solution for the protection of hotel occupants. Supplementary sprinkler systems are installed in hotels and accommodation establishments that have a larger number of rooms, a larger number of floors or when it is necessary to improve the conditions for the escape of persons. These are typically apartment buildings converted into hotels. A water tank and mechanical room are installed in the cellars, a riser runs through the building and there are pipes with sprinklers on each floor. Sprinkler systems can protect human lives and the reputation of the hotel as a safe place. For large hotels it is more appropriate to install Sprinkler system with full volume water tank.

DHZ for hotels