The nozzles or sprinklers of the sprinkler system are open, i.e. without a thermal fuse, and they all sprinkle at the same time. Flood systems are used for quick start extinguishing, for cooling and where sprinklers would not activate by heat. An alarm valve can be opened on a signal from the fire alarm, by a pressure drop in the detection branch or also manually.

Drainers - Flood extinguishing and cooling equipment

Drenchers for areas with rapid fire development

Drencher systems are designed where a fire can be expected to spread rapidly to the entire fire compartment or the interior of the machine. Firefighting can be initiated on a signal from the fire alarm and extinguish the fire before the heat output increases. These systems are also suitable for flammable liquid storages.

Cooling of structures and tanks

Fire spread between buildings, tanks and structures is usually prevented by fire separations. Sometimes, however, this is not possible for various reasons and it is necessary to install a stable cooling device to shield surfaces and structures from radiant heat. A possible application is also the wetting of walls and windows to increase their fire resistance.