Sprinkler installation supplied with water by the fire brigade

The sprinkler system without its own water source consists of a header for connecting fire hoses and pipes with sprinklers. In a fire, the sprinklers above the heat source are opened and when the firefighting unit connects the hoses to the mobile equipment, the water is delivered directly over the fire. In order to ensure that firefighters arrive in time, it is essential to install an electrical fire alarm system (EPS) with remote transmission to the Fire Brigade. This type of sprinkler system is mainly intended for the protection of property and the environment.

Semi-stable fire extinguishing equipment PHZ


Residential buildings in city centres can only be built if an adequate number of parking spaces is also provided. This usually means building a mass underground garage under the apartment building. When cars in garages catch fire, large amounts of smoke are produced from burning plastics and tyres. Firefighters’ intervention is not easy, they need to use breathing equipment and search the smoky space of the garage. A prolonged fire could damage the structure of the building. It is necessary to find and extinguish the fire. With the development of electric vehicles, firefighting will become significantly more difficult.

Underground garages

Garages with dry sprinkler installation

Fire extinguishing equipment allows to extinguish fires more safely and quickly. The firefighters connect the fire truck to the collector and through the sprinklers they can sprey water over the fire. When parking electric cars, it will only be suitable for smaller garages.

PHZ for underground garages

Dry sprinkler installation for storage of flammable liquids, tanks, silos

This system is also suitable for extinguishing and subsequent cooling of objects that are difficult to access or could endanger firefighters in case of fire, for example by collapse of the structure, radiant heat, etc. The intervening fire brigade can supply water or foaming solution to the sprinkler system and extinguish directly at the fire. The piping system with sprinklers is designed to withstand elevated temperatures (threaded piping joints) and, possible explosion or deformation of structures. Sprinklers, open sprinklers or nozzles may be used to spray the extinguishing agent.

PHZ for storage of flammable liquids, storage tanks, silos