Buildings with obligatory instalation of fire sprinklers (in Czech republic)

Requirement of the insurance company

The insurer who assumes the risk of loss may require the installation of a sprinkler system in the insurance conditions. Insurers shall inspects the project documentation and carry out ongoing inspections of installed sprinkler systems. The research, development and creation of technical standards in the sprinkler industry are driven by global, mostly US, insurance companies. The design standards are FM Global, NFPA, VdS CEA.

Requirement in the fire safety design of the building

If the fire risk is to be reduced in the proposed building and its surrounding area, fire sprinklers are prescribed in the fire safety design. Sprinkler systems are designed in accordance with EN 12845 and 730873. Fire protection is a public interest, the standard requirements are mandatory.

Requirement of the customer of the manufacturing company

The customer’s requirement is usually expressed indirectly, as an article of the contractual terms and conditions including security standards according to an agreed international standard – see the insurance company’s requirement.

Investor or tenant requirement

Some hotel and retail chains have developed their own standards including the required fire safety measures.

By Czech republic fire safety standards

Fire Protection Act 133/1985 Coll.

§5 Obligations of legal and entrepreneurial natural persons.
a) to procure and provide the necessary quantity and types of firefighting equipment, fire protection equipment and fire safety equipment with regard to the fire hazards of the activity and to maintain them in working order. For dedicated firefighting equipment, fire protection equipment and fire safety equipment, except for products specified under special legislation (Act 22 on technical requirements for products), only approved types may be installed and used,
§6c The implementing legislation shall lay down
d) types of dedicated firefighting equipment, fire protection equipment and fire safety equipment,

Implementing regulations to the Fire Protection Act

Several implementing regulations have been issued under the authority of the Fire Protection Act,
only the following decree implies requirements for sprinklers:

Regulation No. 23/2008 Coll. Decree on technical conditions for fire protection of buildings

§ 14 Equipment of the building with fire safety equipment
(1) The building shall be equipped with fire safety equipment
5) in accordance with the Czech technical standards listed in Annex 1, Part 2.

Annex No. 1 to Decree No. 23/2008 Coll.
Part 2 Determination of the fire risk and division of the building into fire compartments according to Sections 3 to 5, Sections 10 to 14 and Annex 2
1. ČSN 73 0802 PBS-Non-manufacturing buildings
2. ČSN 73 0804 PBS-Production buildings
3. ČSN 73 0833 PBS-Buildings for housing and accommodation
4. CSN 73 0831 PBS-Gathering spaces
5. ČSN 73 0835 PBS-Health and social care buildings
6. ČSN 73 0845 PBS-Warehouses
7. ČSN 73 0842 PBS-Buildings for agricultural production
8. ČSN 65 0201 Flammable liquids – Production, storage and handling areas
9. ČSN 73 0843 PBS-Communications and postal facilities

§ 21 Garage construction

(4) The fire compartment of a garage with a stacker system, which does not meet the conditions for quick and effective intervention of the fire protection unit, must be equipped with a stable fire extinguishing system with at least a simple water supply according to the Czech technical standard listed in Annex 1, Part 12 (ČSN EN 12845).

This paragraph will be soon updated because of electromobility.

§ 26 Listed building

(1) A listed building must be equipped with
b) stable fire extinguishing system in
1. unique spaces of buildings or spaces with unique collections of historical objects,
2. unique wooden buildings including their external protection.

§ 27 Protection of movable cultural monuments

(1) The part of the building in which movable cultural monuments are located must be equipped with
b) a stable fire extinguishing system if it is a unique collection of historical objects.

(The installation of SHZs is particularly relevant to building alterations. What are unique spaces and collections or structures is determined by the conservation authority)

Requirement for sprinklers in building fire safety standards

Decree 23/2008 Coll.establishes the PBŘ standards as binding.
Sprinklers are directly required in the PSD standards in the following cases

Large warehouses and halls

Buildings with large fire compartments or high fire loads.
Warehouses with larger parameters than those specified in Annex B of ČSN 73 0845/Z1.
(see CSN 73 0802, 6.6.10; 73 0804, 7.2.7; 73 0845, 4.1; 73 0845/Z1, Annex B)

High-rise buildings and hotels

High-rise buildings designed for housing and accommodation.
Hotels that have a number of floors and number of cells higher than the standard values.
(see CSN 73 0802,26.6.10; 73 0833, 5.2.3, 5.2.4; 73 0833,, incl. update)

Department stores, multiplexes and theatres

Assembly areas for a larger number of people or located at a greater height.
The large stages of the gathering space.
(see CSN 73 0831, 5.1.3, D.1.5)

Production facilities

Production buildings of large size or fire load or where there are penetrations for technological plants and equipment in fire-dividing structures. Possibly also for the protection of conveyor belts.
(see CSN 73 0804, 7.2.7, 12.2.1, 12.2.6)


Terraced and collective garages with a larger number of parking spaces, on underground floors or garages with a stacker system.
(see CSN 73 0804,1.3.2, I.3.4,

New possibilities in building design

By installing sprinklers it is possible to solve the fire safety of non-standard buildings.